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chicks update April 30, 2011

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well, we have 2 chicks alive and well so far. Hens that are not the moms are to blam for other chicks deaths. Mostly getting in box to lay when mom leaves to let chicks hatch. This last hatch I rescued one that I have inside for now. I am predicting it is a he from size of comb so far. I shall have pictures of these 2 soon I promise.

Good news is hubby gave the OK to buy an incubator. So that will help alot since we can not get other coop in yet. Once other coop comes in that will help broodies and their chicks alot. Should cut way back on mortality rate.

Now I have to decided which one of the incubators to buy. Cabinet would be nice buy too costly. Most I want to go will be $500.00 . That still gives me a big range on choice. I know on BYC there is a make it yourself incubator but I do not have the patience for that, to put one togther. So i am off to research the ones I am interested in so I can place order on Monday.



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