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Ode to Alpha May 17, 2011

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Last week we got hit by a fox. It has taken oldest chick 2 hens and Alpha my best rooster. I have remaining flock locked up in coop since Friday. Hubby mowed around coop and under trees where they hang out. Luckily I have eggs in incubator 21 from him and we still have 2 chicks alive. So all is not lost.

Plans now to pay off what I have too so I can buy Smart Fence from Gallagher and get goats in. I have 3 things to finsh paying on. One is a coop which will be here the 27 the day before hatch. This coop has a pen to it so that will help stop chicks from missing. It will be the new broody coop.

We will need to build a shed for goats but that will be easy. With goats here dog will be outside with them more. Which means fox will not want to be here for if she catchs wind of it she will hunt it down. I think last night just before dark I saw it ans she was not far behind tracking it. Ran on other side of fence here. All I saw was a tail. But Noel smelled it and was right after. Hopefully she chased it off. I can’t keep chickens locked up forever after all.

By next month I will have that new fence in. So we will be working on pen next month I hope. Now I just wait for first hatch which is on the 28. Then another of 3 a few days later and then last one of 6 eggs a week later. That will halp alot with losses.



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