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More chicks May 30, 2011

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Well, so far we have a grand total of 13 chicks hatched. First batch I put in were 12 then a few days later I put in three more. So now I do not know if I had a fell hatch first or second. I guess if any more hatch I will know then.

After all of these I have six more to go in another week. Plus if broody hatches hers. She is sitting on 7 and she started after I put in mine. So she is real close to hatching also.

Good news is new coop arriving on wed. That will be great to get these chicks out of house. If broody does not hatch then she will get all of these. My big problem will be getting coop placed for ground is not level. But that is OK as I am not over worried about it being tight and secure. This one comes with a run and main coop is 4×4 which is perfect for a broody coop. Temps here are so hot I will have no problems putting chicks out in it with no extra heat in case broody does not take them.

I will have pics soon we are just busy with coop. Putting on shingles and putting in new bedding. Chickens are so funny. I changed bedding to pine pellets since we ran out of free mulch we were usiing. Did this right before dark. After ward chickens would not go into coop. I had to wait for over an hour for last 2 hens to go in. I was ready for chicken pot pie by that time and if I had got hold of them…….. But tody they all came flying out still afraid of bedding but mom and chicks. Chicks were in feeder as I open door and put fresh feed in. That got mom back in coop since chichs did not come out with her. I am sure that will get rest in to as they see feed. Chickens are jusr so silly sometimes.



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