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The end of Summer August 16, 2011

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Well, it has been awhile since I have posted. Not much going on but chicks growing. I have some new pics of the babies. We do have one new mom she hatched out 3. Our local fox showed again and is gone again. Lost a few to it but not many. At this time we will be tranfering chicks to big coop they are still in small coop.

Beta is still with us. He has been better since we both put him in his place. Unfortunatly the girls just do not like him at all. We have more unfertile eggs than fertile. Ofcourse with the heat we are not getting many eggs but those we are can not be hatched. So when we transfer the babies to big coop he will go for good.

The oldest cockeral is in the big coop with him and is crowing and trying to mate the pullets. You can see Alpha was his daddy. I have named him Spike. Besides him we have 6 other cockerals and some of those I know are from beta. Do not know if last 3 hatched have any cockerals since they are too young yet.

Now that temps have broken and dropped we should be seeing more eggs again. Right now everyone is eating what they can catch or pick plus chick grower and black sunflower seed. We are getting rain again and bugs seem to be under control thanks to the chickens. They do such a good job of bug control.

The young ones are starting to range further away and up by the house now. Beta still chases them as well as the hens but that should stop soon. They pullets are half the size of the hens and Spike is a little more than that against Beta. I did not get a pick of Spike today but will tomorrow. The picks are of moring under popular trees on southwest part behind house. About 300 feet from where I am at.  The weeds is where they spend most of there time since it is in the shade most of the day.   I shall have closer ones tomorrow.




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