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fall and predators October 26, 2011

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Well, it has been an interesting month so far. Neibor up the road got hit by hawks when they left town. I got hit a couple of days later by hawk, no losses. Then after neibor got back they got hit again. But last night takes the prize.

They say things come in 3s and that was yesterday. MIL in hospital. Hubby and I had a fight, we never do that, and last but not least my small coop was broken into. I let Noel our dog out this morning to see a cockeral outside the coop. I was thinking he got locked out since I saw others in the coop. I ent to get dressed and was on the phone with hubby when I looked outside. All the chickens in small coop were out. Door to pen was still closed so I had no idea how they got out. Went down with feed and check nest box entrance. WOW, it was ripped off the hindges. Eye bolts were also ripped off. Hubby thinks it was a coon. I never knew a coon could bend metal and break wood. Mind you neither was really thick but still.

This must have been after 1am for I had windows open till then.. Noel would have heard something. The fact that she did not tell me it was later than that while we were in bedroom sleeping. I was up just before 6am but did nit look outside as it was still dark. Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime. I just never thought a coop would get broken into. I will move the other 12 too big coop tonight and lock that one. I have a special lock for it that should be coon proof.



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