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predator update November 13, 2011

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Not a racoon but a black bear. Yes, you read right. We got hit by a black bear and lost half the flock. He took out the new coop I bought. We have to put it back together. He also hit my large coop. The only way I know it was a black bear is because he left a paw print next to door.

Here is what he did on big coop. First he pulled off the small chickens door which is in the persons door. He ripped 3 corners about 4 ft high in fustration. That was second hit after small coop. Third hit was window. We had some ladders on the ground that he used to give him hight to get into west side window. Next one was east side when we removed ladders. When he went into it that night he must have fell on his head for he broke the top of a next box close to the perch. Rest of box was not moved. He had to go over perch when he whent into that window.

OK, hubby stay home all week to get bear. We never saw him as he was hitting 4am or so. We even bought motion sensor light and camera. He boarded up coop with 1/2 ply and lots of 3 inch screws. That got him. He could not pull off that wood. We think he only hit because he was getting ready to hibernate. For after third hit on big coop he did not show again. It could be he was shot since that week was bear season here. I hate to say it but I hope he was for I do not want him back. I like black bears but this one is too much.

On a good note property has been surveyed. So we can refence it. It has old fencing that is down on two sides. Both are in the woods. Not hard to get too as our driveway goes up that far. Luckily we are paying someone to do it. I will know by next week what that will cost. We want it sone by spring so we can get goats here to eat brambles. Hopefully it will help some with the larger predators too.



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