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New Year January 17, 2012

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Happy New Year everyone. I know I have not posted lately but not much has been happening. Our 10 chickens are doing great. All 7 hens are now laying. My 3 roosters are the best I have raised yet.

I have to buy a new camera as our old one is having problems. But that buy will be another month away at least. We are getting ready to finish the property fence. Just waiting for tax stuff to come in so we can pay the guy to do it. This will lead to more animals here one being milk goats.

As far as the chickens I am under orders by hubby to increase flock over 30. Due to bear attack he wants to make sure if he hits this year we have enough backup. He loves his fresh eggs. LOL Hubby not bear.

Luckily all 3 rooster are a big improvment over Alpha and Captain. Longfeather the oldest has correct comb and body and is in charge of all 7 gals for now. The other 2 are a bit younger than him but not by much.

Spring here is showing its head by our daffodills popping up already. Today was rain and is the 40’s but saturday it will be in the 60’s. Just crasy I know. I m planning on incubating eggs next month. I will fill it this time which means 42 eggs. Probably do that 3 times at least this year. If not more depending on how many rooster I get out of hatching. I expect to have a good year this year but time will tell.



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