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Spring and hatching March 17, 2012

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Happy Patties day all.
Spring is finally here and I have one hatching done. Did not get many but I forgot to plug in my turner. Also had many infertile as i saw from cracking those we ate as well as those that never developed. Since then we are getting all fertile now.

We stil have a total of 10 here. 7 hens 3 roosters. Everyone is laying well and I even have one that is doing 2 a day a couple times a week. We did not get much snow at all this year so they have been free ranging all winter. I am still feeding the ADM egg balancer in pellet form. But they were not eating much of it until recently. Lots of hard storms coming threw and very wet ground might have something to do with that right now.

Chicks are doing well. They are 3 weeks old and large. We have a new pet in the house a breaded dragon and he requires insects. So I have worms for him. What he is not eating I am feeding to chicks. Mainly phoenix worms since he thinks they are to small for food. Phoenix worms are the larve of black soldier flies and can be bought online at Phoenix.com. Chicks love them. I might just keep them in stock for chick raising.

As of now I have another batch of eggs in incubator due to hatch end of month. It is full and yes I made sure to plug in my turner. I have a few going to locals here but most will be to restock flock. Hubby wants us to have like 50 in case bear attacks again. We will have to add on to coop to have that many in it.

Fence is in process. Hubby is putting in posts when home. We were going to have someone do it but money was used for another car as mine was going. OH well it will just take longer to get fence done. I hope to have pictures soon but weather has not been all that great. Many be next month.



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