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acceindents happen March 23, 2012

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We are hatching out again. Started yesterday afternoon. I went to be last night thinking everything was OK. Woke up to dead chicks that I had moved out of bator. Only one survived. It was a off heat issue and has been taken care of.

On a good not I found 5 alive in bator with more hatching. I was worried that we had more infertile eggs than not. I crack one last night for yesterdays collecting and it was infertile. Seems a few of the hens are avoiding the roosters. Since we are setting up small coup on sun or mon I might be putting hens in with roo so they get the job done on thos 2.

I am also looking now at getting rid a 2 hens for color reasons. Got a neibor who is interested maybe. I know they are laying as I am getting 8 eggs a daay with 7 hens. Yes, we have one laying 2x a day. Rare but it happens. She must be from last years hatching.

So far this years has been interesting to say the least. Chicks are bigger much bigger. Now that can be from what I have been feeding but legs do not change that much. Legs on these chicks are large what I would call roo large. Only thing is their tails came in on many and those I know are females. Also combs are not growing like they do on the roos. The first batcch are 4 weeks old now and I think I have mostly pullets in it. This would be interesting because Longfeather is an Alpha son and he threw lots of pullets too. I do have a Beta son here that I might tet this theory with ths week. I also have another Alpha son. Who know who I will pait those two hens with that need a lesson. One thing is for sure they will not get away from them when locked in with them.



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