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Where is the rain and Lots of chicks. April 17, 2012

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Hubby got grassed mowed. It just took him two weeks. Lots of repairs on the mower. It is an old John Deer that is geer driven. We can not use the newer ones due to the slop of the property. Have to say it looks great now. Now we just need rain and I bet now that I said that we will get too much. LOL

We lost one of the hens the other day. So that leaves me with 6 and the 3 roosters. One hen is brooder but I doubt her eggs will hatch for one of the roosters keeps getting her out of the nest box. That is OK since I have alot of chicks hatched now. This last batch is almost done and most hatched. Now I have a problem. Not big enough space inside. I will be moving this buch outside this week to the small coop since temps are good here now. I will see if broody will take some after tomorrow. I will be getting the 4 in there out so she can be moved in with chicks. That will slove that problem for now.

What this has shown me is I need to get better set up. So I am looking into pro incubator and brooder now. I like what Dickey has for a cabinet incubator and have heard good things about it. The brooder I am still looking into too but I think I might have found one I like. I would be much happier getting this whole thing outside in a building but we do not have electrcity going to another building yet. That is in the works. Hopefully later this year we will have coop expanded and another built just for chicks and hatching. That is the plan anyways. Just do not know when right now as other stuff just came up.

As far as the hatching this is the largest of the 3. I have at least one more to do as most of this one is sold also. Last one will be only for us. I hope I will not need more than that last one to stock us up.



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