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Broody surprise August 12, 2012

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Well, today is a great day. My broody that raised the chicks I hatched this spring is now hatching her own. I had forgoteen when she went broody. Just too much going on. I knew she was close and due to one of the pullets making hen noises I decided to look out back. Well, more fed the chickens out back. I saw her outside of coop and light bilb lit. Hmm wonder if her eggs hatched. So down I went to the coop and on my way there she was walking around inside which is not normal. She has been sitting real tight on the nest and I never distrebed her. (sorry for spelling I am real tired) I saw 4 chicks when I got down there. Later that afternoon I went down to check on her. Oww she is being real protective. Eggs were still hatching. I have no idea how many she is sitting on or how long hatch will go for since I think the other hens layed a few after she started. I know my bad but I was not over worried about it since it was late in season and it just ment extra for us.

Wed we will be moving spring chicks to big coop and mom and chicks to small coop. That should be lots of fun. We have high weeds to cut down to even open the door front of small coop. We let it grow up a bit for sun protection. Not looking forward to that work. Now need to buy new camera and video camera.



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