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chicks and new pup update September 6, 2012

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Well, it is sunny here once again. We have had many days of rain off and on. Thanks to tropical storm. Chicks are growing like weeds. Mom hatched out 6 total all are doing well. We have 4 females and two males. Thank goodness for that as we need the girls. I have left them locked up in the coop due to that we do not have a dog now. But that is soon to change.

I have put a reserve on a female pup. She was born labor day. She is a registered English Shpherd from Green Moutain English Shpherds in NC. I found the breeder thru the English Shepher Club. New pup will be a sable. Hubby wanted another tri color like Noel but is happy that new pup is now another color. I shall post links to club and breeder page.


Older chickens are doing good. I have 6 pullets growing well as well as 6 cockerals. The cockerals will be butcher this fall mostly for puppy food. The hen we picked up in NC is doing great. I look forward to chicks from her, hoping some from last hatching are from her.

This past couple of weeks we have had a hawk trying to get the chickens. It looks like a young male. Saw him the other day going for the adults. Luckily I chased him off the last visit. I hope he learned his lesson.



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