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fall time October 15, 2012

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We have been busy here when hubby comes in from over the road driving. Deck is done and stairs for deck are almost done. Still have railing to do but we did get it all stained. Now we are planing how to make it chicken proof, as we do not want chickens going up to new deck and do what chickens do best POOP.

Last night I moved the rest of the pullets from this years hatching over to big coop. Last week we butcher 3 cockerals for puppy food. New pup comes in on the 24. I am doing puppy testing for whole litter for the breeder. It will be nice to have a dog again. Hubby needs a play mate to rough house with when home.

We have 3 more cockerals to do. They are still in smaller coop. Hubby plans on doing them next week but time will tell since we have so much else happening like new pup coming in and front porch to do yet. He is also wanting me to hatch out over 50 next year. Hmm will need a bigger coop for that if I do.

We have lost 3 of the 6 last hatched out. 1 male 2 girls. that leaves 2 males 1 girl not good. New hen that I got over in NC went into moult but she did lay a few eggs here before that happened. Unfortunatly those that I thought might have been hers were taken. She should be coming back into lay soon, so I will be watching. The new pullets from this years hatch are about to lay soon too. So we shall have lots of eggs again. I only have had one hen laying. She never went broody and is more of the leghorn type body not the Plymouth Rock type body. Next year will be getting rid of her as well as one from the early hatch this year.

Even though we only have 3 adult hens the pullets of this year were from many others that did not make it. When I did that hatch we had over 10 hens breeding. But have since been hit by feral dogs and fox and hawk. Last one was neighbors great pyrness that got loose and ate one of my hens. That dog should be put down for a LGD to eat stock is not a good dog. They do not need it as the have no stock and it stays tied to a tree. We have reported them but dog laws here are very easy. Oh well next year gate will be closed if we get fence done this winter.



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