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Snow January 19, 2013

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Well, we finally got a decent snow. It rained here for days. Snow was very wet and heavy to start. We got an inch within an hour it seemed. Hope everyone that did get this snow is OK. I know many are without power and many ended up in the ditch driving home.

On a brighter note everything is good here. Chickens I have been keeping locked up mostly since we are down to 11. Everyone is laying which is good. We will be getting rid of most of the flock this spring and hatching out from just a few pick hens to restock. I have a neighbor that is taking my rejects for breeding. Due to so many dog attacks they whole flock is dog shy. This is the main reason I am getting rid of most of the flock. I am hoping by hatching out a whole new flock and training Sky our farm pup to them that it will fix that problem.

Sky is growing well. She is now 16+ high and 25 pounds. I am feeding her mostly raw since we have are new beef. BIL is coming down and we will be butchering two pigs. That should be interesting to say the least with her. We will need another freezer to say the least.

We have changed animal plans here since BIL will most likly move down here. He will be here for a month at least and that will get our fencing done. Goats will be first but instead of cows hubby now wants to buy one pair of pigs to breed. We have a frind that we order are beef from that is willing to let us keep a female to be bred in exchange for a pig and butcher his beef for him. I like this alot better than having a couple of cows here.

Barn will be put down on East side of property and will have a dirt flor since ground slightly sloops there. Chickens will be moved to it and present coop will be a broody coop only. As far as the pigs we will be getting Heritage and I am thinking Mulefoots since they grow out slow are med in sized 600lbs and have small litters. They will be free ranged like the chickens and goats. Fencing is to be 6 strand barbed still with at least two strand eletric.

Sky will have her work cut out for her to say the least. But she is showing good guardian instinct as well as herding abilty. Her hunting drive has not come in yet but i know she will have it for she has been investigating the groundhog holes around her. As well as sniffing after rabbit trails. Her is an indoor shot her her now begging pizza from hubby.




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