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First Hatching done May 1, 2013

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Well, actually second as I put in 27 eggs for first and 17 for second. I only got half of first batch to hatch and only 12 made it. Of the second batch I am now waiting on last two if they hatch. But all the rest have so that is 15 from that one. Total is 27 so far. All are doing well.

I had a computer crash for real. My laptop feel of my table and broke it’s hard drive. Just got it back but lost all my old stuff. Luckily I keep all my password of line so have a list of all my links and stuff. Luckily non of the photos ere effected..

So far temps here have still been coolish. Chicks are inside for now but we will be finishing chick coop and pen this weekend. Sky is keeping a close ye on the chicks. She even checks the eggs to see how many have hatched. Such a good dog. Luckily temps are warming up so after we get pen done I hope to get chicks out in their coop and pen. Unfortunatly we have no broodies yet this year. I am not sure we will have any either. I think all my broodies got killed off so do not know if any of the newer hens will go broody. Time will tell.



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