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Warning to all May 8, 2013

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For all of you that have free range chickens or open pens this one is for you.

I free range my hens. Neighbor has stray cats she was feeding. But has not been doing since she is now going with hubby to work. As a result cats are hunger and chickens make easy catching. Their son lives between us and them and they lost a hen a few weeks ago. Did not think much on it since they are light egg production chickens. Last week mine were out and sounded off. i went out on back pourch to see a cat in the woods. Scared it off and shot off some firecrackers to make sure it was gone.

When hubby was home later in week we were walking in our woods only to see the other cat neighbor had been feeding. Dogs chased it off. Two days later I opened the coop to find my real nice hen in trouble. She was not coming out of coop and felt hot too touch. Thought she might have been egg bound so cleaned of her bum with the hose. I was holding her and hubby was holding hose. That was when I found the deep gashes on both sides. I have had cats all my life and know cats scratches when I see them. Hen died a few days ago, there was nothing I could do about it.

I am not taking dogs out in area where i have seen both cats and chickens are locked up for a bit. The good is I have eggs from her and chicks hatched now from her. But we will be watching for those cats and either catching them or killing them I we see them.

Right now I have 15 chicks hatched and another incubator full. BIL comes down this month and a new chicken coop and pens will be built then. We will also be getting a male English Shepherd pup either late this year or early next. We plan on breeding Sky. She has been a real help here. She is 8 months now and has made her first vole kill when 4 months. Chased off lots of rabbits, deer and hawks. She even told me when hubby was being not so smart during butcher time. When hawks are around she is herding chickens back to safety. So glad we have her.



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