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Rain rain and more rain May 18, 2013

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Well, this past week has been a busy one. Baby chick coop is now done and has chicks in it. Tractor is now down here from up North. Hubby has it running well and has redone driveway. Third batch of chicks have hatched. We lost 3 in shell, seems membrane was too tough. I am really thinking of getting another incubator but that will have to wait. From this last batch we had 14 live so that is all good. They are doing well.

The ones in chick coop are doing good too. We have had temps at night in the 50’s and it does not seem to hurt them. Then again day temps have been high 80’s. So heat stays in little coop better. It is a 4×4 A frame. I have not let chicks out yet since we have been away more than home. Now it is all rain so they are staying in for now.

We also have our first broody of the year finally. She is sitting on 8 eggs. BIL comes down soon so that will get new chick raising coops done. Plans are to have a coop where we have the barn too but on the outside of it. I do not want chickens in the barn with the goats and pigs when it is done.

Having the tractor here means we will be having a garden for corn and some feed stuff. Lots of plans for chickens plus garden here. Can not wait tillwe really kick in the geers on it.



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