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50 chicks and now piglets August 1, 2013

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Well, things are going real well here. All hatching is done to the total of 53 chicks. We have two chick pen and coops that are working out well. Right now we a finishing the add of to the big 8×8 coop with another 8×8, so that will be 16×8 with a wall and door between them. New addition will hold all the hens with one or two roosters. Nestboxes will be on the outside of this one. We are going to use old 8×8 for broody coop and the hens and baby chicks are safe from adult hens.

The large pen and the large small coop with be the rooster grow out pen this year. Right now the old A frame small coop is attached to it. The old A frame pen is attached to the new small larger coop which is a box. So those will be switched when new coop addition is done and all the pullets are moved to it.

Sky our farm dog is now 11 months old and doing great. She is helping herding the chicks in at night to their pens. She is also great at watching the skies for hawks. I wish I had my phone the other day when she was lying on her side and one of the cockerals walked right over her. She never even move.

This weekend we will be getting our pigs. 3 piglets two for us and one for a friend to grow out. Hubby and BIL butcher our own meat. We are raising one for a friend who is raising cow for us. It will be interesting to see how the chickens and Sky react to them. Last time Sky saw a pig she was 4 month old and that was one huge pig.

On another good note we have field corn planted and growing for winter feed. Plus we will have kale and collards for the chickens What a be help having a tracor is and BIL here. I will have pictures after piglets are here.



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