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Winter and new animals December 10, 2013

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We now have cows. Not my idea but hubby’s. He bought at auction a Holstein bull calf. A week later I bought a jersey cow with a Jersey/Angus calf on her. Cow is pregnant too a Guernsey/jersey cross. So we have milk and have made butter so far.

Chickens are now down by 5. BIL butchered our 4 roosters and 1 hens that was injured. Roosters came in at 5 lbs dressed weight. Hen at 3 lbs. She had a leg problem for a long time but was doing good till yesterday when 3 roosters corned her and beat her up. Chickens can be cruel that way.

Weather here has been rain slight but still rain for 4 days. Chickens are OK but other animals pigs and cows do not like it at all. Neither does BIL. I have been using straw/hay to cover our walk paths that are muddy. Chicken coop is on the bottom of our valley down from the high point where house is and cow barn is right now. Pigs are behind coop and what can you say but it is a pig pen.

I have a batch of eggs in the incubator. Do not think we will get much of a hatch do to cold weather. But BIL pushed for it. He has no real knowledge of chickens but he will learn to listen to me on them after this.

We will be building more coops for spring and summer. As I need at least 4 grow out pens. One for each hatching as older chicks will beat up on younger ones till they are all over months. Also being built will be breeding pen, well it is built but will be added too.

Our first broody did not stick, which does not surprise me. Roosters and hens we always pushing her out of nest box. I did not put her in her own pen knowing that eggs were not fertile yet.

All in all we have had a very good year this year. Hope next is just as good. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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