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When it rains it pours. July 19, 2014

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Been a bit since I have posted. We have been very busy here at the farm.  5 broodies and all hatched. Sad news one hen killed all her chicks OR another hen did as these were in adult coop.  Not a good place to keep broodies as this happens alot.  They should always be in their own coop but I could not move them this time do to the fact we have all the feed in there for all the animals.

We are building a barn and once done things will change with the feed.  I have switched feed twice now do to loosing first place I was buying from that carried ADM. I went to Hubbard for a short while as they have the 22% layer in pellets.  But check at our Co Op and was able to get something close to ADM and alot closer.  They have to bring it in from Knoxville but that is no biggy as I already order my goat feed from them also.

Sky is pregnant and due to have pups on July 31 which is also my birthday.  She has really come threw for me of late and still working hard with the chickens and the goats as well as pigs and cows.  Told you we have been busy.  All pictures and updates on the farm are on the farm website Blue Moon Valley Farm.  I have two face book groups going. One for Blue Moon English Shepherds that has all of Sky’s updates. If you are interested in more information about her pups you can contact me on Face Book or our farm website.  Blue Moon Valley farm is the other group and is about all the other animals. I also have a blog going on the farm website related to all the other animals and happenings.  So check them out to see new babies.



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