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Well now what will do. September 22, 2015

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It is fall and things have changed. Eggs are now way up do to avian flu. We now have ducks and duck babies. But chickens are now locked up because they killed and ate 4 of them. Yes, you read that right they ate them. Chickens are omnivorous which means they eat meat as well as plants just like US. This is a problem to say the least when babies poultry is around. We free range the adult but lock up chicks until old enough to be with main flock if they are not raised by a hen.

Anyway, I had a small flock of adults left. Ducks are in the chainlink fence coop that we were putting roosters in to grow out last year. It has alot of tall weeds and is big enough for a small pool. BUT there was now small holed fencing around it to prevent baby ducks getting out. I never even though of it till it happened. Took me one day to figure it out and by then we lost 4. So we wrapped duck pen up as best as we could and locked up all the chickens for a bit. No more losses.

Now what this brings about is hubby and I are thinking of getting rid of the chickens in favor of laying ducks. We have the meat ducks Muscovys, Pekin and Cayuga. But we are thinking of Runners and getting rid of the chickens since we have to do so many grow out pens to raise them. My thought is ticks and how good the chickens are in controlling them. But we do not eat the chickens since I have issues with my brother in law in how to deal with carcass and it comes out tough do not not letting it reast for 24 to 48 hours after butcher. SO no one wants to deal with killing them since they can not eat them. Brother in law here that is and he eats alot. Hubby is not a big chicken fan and I prefer my chicken fried so…..

Now when it comes to the ducks here is how it stands. We all love it especially hubby and I. But meat ducks do not lay year round like chickens. Muscovys only lay to hatch out which is Fine by us but gives us no eggs for the year. Eggs here now are $2.30 a dozen. Likely to go higher. So will poultry meat. We are really thinking of buying Indian Runners for eggs but there is one issue with them. Unlike chickens they do not lay in a nest box or in a nest of anytype. But since they roam everywhere they just drop them unless lock up. I am going to talk with those that have them and see what the whole story is with them. I have a baker up the road that would love a steady source of duck eggs. So selling would not be an issue. Time will tell in the next month how this goes.



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