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Picking a breed of chicken.

OK, how does one pick their chicken breed or breeds to raise. If you read the very first post in my blog here you will find one called The Search. I have chosen to make a page on the subject to help those trying to make up their minds of what breed to go with and why.

First off there is no wrong breed as all chickens lay eggs. But not every type of chicken fits every place. So make a list of what you like and dislikes are and this will help narrow your list alot. First you can choose, do you want bantam or standard size chickens. Do you live in colder climates then a rose or pea comb breeds would be best. Do you have a color preference, if so find the breeds with that color. If not you can do what I did an narrow it down by place of origin, American, Europe, oriental. Another way to do a fast narrow down is to choose either white, yellow or black skin chickens.

Duel purpose or just egg laying, note the just egg laying breeds are very flighty and not very friendly. Something to think about if you have kids. Something to remember also is that some breeds have many color variations. So if you like a breed but want more than one color this is a great way to go. I have known many people comment on the fact that breeds kept together will pick on other breeds in the flock. Say you have 3 barred rocks, 3 rhode island reds and 3 wynadottes. You might find that the RIR’s pick on the wynadottes or the barred rocks pick on the RIR’s. It could be all 3 hens or just one that does it. So this is something to consider if you have a mixed breed flock, you might have infighting because of it.

OK, for me this is how I did my narrowing. I wanted large standard breed that was duel purpose. I needed hens that would go broody. Since I planned on free ranging I wanted the darker colors preferable with a pattern. Skin color was not a factor but heritage and rarity was for me. I narrowed my selection down to two breeds one the American breed and one the European breed. I chose to go with the American breed just because it was a personal family thing. So I ended up with the Plymouth Rock in the Partridge color. What will you choice be for your best breed.



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