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New Year new plans. January 3, 2010

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Happy New Year everyone. I wish it to be a very good one for all. This blog started as a way for me to keep track of events with my flock. I figured it was a good way for me too keep records as I have been known to be slack that way. 🙂 As a result I have listed alot of infomation one just cant find and have developed a following. Thank you all for the well wishes and comments. Now on to new plans for chickens.

As a result of what our chickens have done for us this year we will be expanding the flock and coop. Our chickens are not pets and do earn there living by bug control,weeding and fertilizing as well as eggs. Hubby let me have them as he had no choise since I bought them then told him. LOL Now he wants more since they are doing so well at what they do best. So no baby chicks will be sold this year so we can increase the flock.

I have been worried about the cold weather but so far everything is going just great. The new bedding straw has kept them nice and warm with no frostbitw at all even with temps in single digits. Coop is not sealed tight at all as under roof is all open and cracks around door and windows we did not seal. But bedding is very deep now up to 10 inches in some areas till they mash it down. We did remove all wet bedding when we put in new bedding and put that on the garden where chickens have been composting it for us. They are so good at that, we will put all bedding on their in spring before will till it.

Due to some posts on chicken forum I would like everyone to know what we found when we butcherd the dead pullet. Since we do free range ours no pen at all they are allow to eat whatever they want. Hubby said that he found alot of pine and cedar needles in that pullets crop. Now the North side or our property is lined on the fence with cedar trees. many of the chickens have been going up there to dust bath under them as it is still dry there when it rains. I know also they have eaten off the cut christmas tree branches we have out front. So that accounts for all of it as I do not think the chickens have made it all the way over to our pine forest yet which is on the south east part of the property. One thing I do know is pine is a natural dewormer and the chicken we butchered was clean of any worms. Now I am not saying cedar bedding should be used in a coop fresh as it will have the oils still fresh. Those oils can cause problems. But if the chickens eat fresh cedar off trees one should not worry about it. Digesting and inhalation are to very different things.

Right now our ground is frozen so I have increased feed. But still they only peck at it then go find what they can other places. We still have alot of green stuff here in grasses and vines. I have been giving them some black sunflower seed in hull which they love. They are also getting more scratch to keep weight on them. Egg laying has not changed staying around a dozen a day. Least we have gotten the past week was 7 and highest 13. Captain has been staying in coop unless we make him go out which we do so he will eat and drink. I took water out of coop due to them spilling it. Did not want wet bedding with this real cold weather. So I fiill it with lukewarm water and it is good for the day since I put it in the sun. Coop itself is not in the sun full so food and water are a little bit from it further that what the snow pics show.

Speaking of eggs we did make fresh homemade eggnog for New Years. I cut the recipe in half since it was just hubby and I. Well, dog helped too she loved it. 🙂 Our goose that we had for christmas came our great I loved it. They are on the list to add for this year if we can do it. I want pilgrims. So if everything else goes OK they will come in late spring. For those asking about turkeys no they are not on the list and never will be. Turkeys live wild here we have a flock that lives in the area. That flock avg about 14 that included 2 toms and a jake or too also. So no turkeys for us. Till next time stay warm.