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Flock Interaction November 30, 2010

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Well, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. This year we did not do a turkey due to hubby being away so much. Although I am sure the dog, cats and chickens would have loved to help finish one off.

Not too much happening and yet alot is with the flock. Alpha has taken over more of the girls from Beta. I am now feeding out front where I can watch them from my window while at the computer. Feed is layer mixed with Scratch. Alpha takes the girls right up to front in morning. Beta sticks around coop with his 3 gals then moves up to back pourch then finally up to the front. If Alpha is done eating he lets them eat if not he chases them off. Today Beta did a big no no and mated a one of Alphas hens. That got him chased by Alpha for almost 5 mins. Alpha was not going to have him do that to one of his gals. Later one of Beta gals tried to eat with Alpha and his gals and he kept chasing her off. Now everything is settled down since all are fed.

Weather here has been windy which is funny to see the chickens handle it. Out in front of the house we always get some of the worst wind gusts. All coming out of the west and house faces north. Chickens do not seem to mind it much. Just show alot of feather shaking. We are expecting more rain and cold weather not a good combo to say the least. But for some reason chickens do not seem to mind. They could stay in their coop all day out of the rain but they do not. Even when its dow in the low 40’s or 30″s with wind and rain they are still out and about.

Coop wise we got ourfake eggs in and they are set up in nest boxes. I am seeing redder faces and combs now. First couple of days the grls just messed up the nest boxes. They were kicking the straw over the eggs or the eggs to the side of the boxes. That has stopped now but still our new ones have yet to lay. Out of the 2 new pullets one is showing alot of red so she is either about to or has and we have an egg eater. But I have heard no song so I do not think she is laying. She was hen raised so knows what the nest boxes is for so I think she would use it if she was laying. I am not letting them out before 9am and most days not before 10am. So she has time to lay if she was going too. Hopefully we will see eggs soon. I need them for them holidays.

Here is a link to a very good chicken forum. It has sections for many chicken breed clubs as well as a sell sectiongneral chicken. Well, worth looking into as breed club breeders are on this forum. But if you wish to buy a breed chicken from a club member I suggest you join the club for you will not be considered unless you plan on breeding. Here is the link and Iwill save it in my links section also. http://showbirdbid.proboards.com/index.cgi